on love:

"Love is what light feels like."

Woody Allen: "Love creates tension; sex relieves it."

Something extremely rare, precious, and infinitely mysterious, which nearly every individual (and every self-help author) claims to be an expert on.

Something we all talk about, think about, hear songs about, dream about, watch movies about, read about, sing about - about which we really know almost nothing.

Something we base our lives around, but that most of us don't really want to waste any time actually thinking about.

Plato's Aristophanes: "Humans were originally whole and complete, both male and female, until they were divided into separate types, males and females, and were condemned to wander the world in search of their other half. Love is that force that is motivating them to search for that other half."

Something that is "unconditional."

Victor Hugo: ". . . the boundless release of infinite meditation."

The closest thing most of us mortals normally feel to being complete.

The opposite of "hate."

It is just "IT."

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