Wished my internet worked yesterday, but here it is:

'No matter what path you walk on in your life, religious, spiritual, atheist, yogic,
nature, or none of the above I feel that today (yesterday) is a very special and symbolic day.

Far too often we use our differences to divide us. This group believes this, this
group believes that - look how different we are. And while variety is indeed the
spice of life and different points of view all help to push us forward to see the
many sides of life; I think the most important thing to focus on this Holiday season,
this Christmas is what our similarities are.

We may have a million differences, but if we can find even one similarity that is
enough of a bond to rally and unite around. My belief is that the one thing we are
share, above anything else, is the strong desire to Love and be Loved. This is what
moves us, binds us and keeps us moving. To feel love in action is to feel and be
alive. The animals and plant life we share this planet with know how to do this

Being human, we are presented with a challenge. We have the gift of intuition, of
trusting our inherent nature, but then we have this mind. And this mind of ours
is a wonderful thing. The human mind is capable of such genius, such innovation
and amazement that there truly is no limit. But this mind of ours also gets in the
way. Doubt, fear, worry, anxiety, low-self-esteem, addiction, etc... all these things
are by products of a mind that is not in sync with the natural knowing of our being.

My deep wish for you this Holiday season, on the Christmas Day is for you to know
your authentic self. For all the outward shapes, relationships and things to not
define you. To let your fears slip away and transform into trust and to know at
once who you really are.

You, like all beings on this planet, are a child of the Universe and have a natural
ability within you to thrive. This has nothing to do with possessions, social status
or outward appearance. Who you truly are is infinite, indescribable and constantly

This Christmas, give yourself the gift of your own authenticity. The chains of fear
have held you long enough. The heavy weight of doubt no longer needs to be carried.
Today, and everyday forward free yourself from who-you-think-you-are and simply
be authentic.'

blessing to all my authentic friends and family..

i love you, be free.



'Then indecision brings its own delays,
And days are lost lamenting o'er lost days.
Are you in earnest? Seize this very minute;
What you can do, or dream you can, begin it;
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.'

Quite inspiring from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, but how would one go about this bold he speaks of?
and yes it does delays, keep you stuck and make you question yourself.

A new year for boldness.
A new year for magic.

peace of beauty


mila my muse

mila my muse, my model. my sisters' little light and first born..



on love:

"Love is what light feels like."

Woody Allen: "Love creates tension; sex relieves it."

Something extremely rare, precious, and infinitely mysterious, which nearly every individual (and every self-help author) claims to be an expert on.

Something we all talk about, think about, hear songs about, dream about, watch movies about, read about, sing about - about which we really know almost nothing.

Something we base our lives around, but that most of us don't really want to waste any time actually thinking about.

Plato's Aristophanes: "Humans were originally whole and complete, both male and female, until they were divided into separate types, males and females, and were condemned to wander the world in search of their other half. Love is that force that is motivating them to search for that other half."

Something that is "unconditional."

Victor Hugo: ". . . the boundless release of infinite meditation."

The closest thing most of us mortals normally feel to being complete.

The opposite of "hate."

It is just "IT."


west coast

blue beach

miss moon

"Who hung his hat on the moon?

The owl in his bubble balloon.

One bright summer night

He sailed out of sight,

And, hooting like Lucifer, hung in delight

His three-cornered hat on the moon."